The top 10 trending news stories and features of 2021

Construction Canada presents the top 10 news stories and feature articles in 2021.
Construction Canada presents the top 10 news stories and feature articles in 2021.

From redevelopment projects and provincial investments in mass timber to construction industry forecasts, the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry continues to make headlines. Construction Canada has delivered an abundance of breaking news in 2021. Many feature articles in the magazine also captivated readers ranging from net-zero buildings with ICF construction and understanding rainscreen walls to repair and maintenance solutions for parking garages and eliminating ponding on low-slope roofs by using tapered insulation. Here are this year’s Top 10 news and feature stories from Construction Canada.

Top 10 news stories

  1. Revealing plans for Toronto’s Golden Mile Shopping Centre redevelopment
  2. C. government invests in 12 mass timber projects
  3. Frank Gehry revises design of supertall Toronto towers
  4. Here are the construction activities that are permitted in Ontario
  5. Exclusive: New insulation method helps save time and money
  6. Redeveloping Toronto neighbourhood to create urban edge with 34-storey tower
  7. Canada sees spike in house prices: Century 21
  8. Construction industry forecasted to need 300k more workers by 2030
  9. Amazon unveils design for the second phase of its Virginia HQ
  10. Architects from 13 cities named 2021 RAIC Fellows

Top 10 features

  1. Net-zero buildings made simple with ICF construction
  2. Understanding rainscreen walls: Cues for today’s construction environment
  3. A comprehensive scrutiny of building enclosure design and construction
  4. Wind design for modular vegetated roofing systems
  5. Snow guard design considerations
  6. Repair and maintenance solutions for parking garages
  7. Wood in civic buildings
  8. How tapered insulation can eliminate ponding on low-slope roofs
  9. Factors to consider when redesigning podium decks
  10. Sprung instant structures and the fight against COVID-19
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