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APV Engineered Coatings Demo-Cast

Take a deep dive into high performance coating types and learn the reasons why PVDF coatings, like NeverFade® with Kynar Aquatec®, persevere in the harshest environments in the world.
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Kalwall Demo-Cast

Kalwall® is the industry leader for diffuse natural lighting systems and is recognized for its innovative, energy efficient and sustainable designs. Watch this Demo-Cast on their  rugged and beautiful translucent building products which provide a more predictable, better quality of usable natural light, with superior thermal properties...
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Maestro Technologies Demo-Cast

Maestro has been helping Canadian contractors manage information for over 30 years. Watch their Demo-Cast on how they deliver a fully integrated solutions for your entire business. Eliminating spreadsheet dependencies, eliminating manual paper processes and providing a single source for all operations, accounting and management reporting.  Maestro...
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Big Ass Fans Demo-Cast

REOPEN YOUR SPACES SAFELY AND COMFORTABLY: The industry’s most effective air disinfection solution, Clean Air System offers your people peace of mind by dramatically lowering their risk of infection throughout your space. With Big Ass Fans’ expert fan designs and proprietary technology, Clean Air System has been...
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NBS Chorus Demo-Cast

Learn how NBS Chorus can help to efficiently write specifications up to 70 percent faster, minimize risk and increase collaboration. Gain insight on the importance of associating your specification and 3D model for a true BIM experience.
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Kryton Demo-Cast: Integral Concrete Waterproofing and Concrete Durability Admixtures

Join Kryton International for their Demo-Cast on Integral Concrete Waterproofing and Concrete Durability Admixtures. Reducing the carbon footprint while meeting the demands of ever increasing service life requirements of concrete has become even more difficult in 2020. Shortened construction schedules, access to labor and increased safety protocols all make...
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FLIR Systems Demo-Cast: Elevated Skin Temperature Screening Solutions

As we get back to work, we are still at risk of continued interruption of operations due to the spread of infection and disease. Thermal imaging solutions from FLIR can help screen for elevated body/skin temperature – a possible sign of infection. From public spaces such as airports and...
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