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Saskatoon hospital upgrades funded from utility savings

The Royal University Hospital (RUH) provides acute-care services for Saskatoon . Working with a building technology and energy service company (ESCO), it has invested $13.6 million to provide critical facility upgrades expected to save $1.4 million annually, along with providing a healthier environment both inside the hospital and in the larger community. Find out what was changed.

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High-rise living, low-energy lifestyle

Tall-building developments in Toronto are outpacing every other city in North America, with roughly 44 high-rises exceeding the 150-m 
(492-ft) mark—more than triple the 13 skyscrapers gracing the city’s skyline in 2005. The dramatic increase in office and living space pointed to epic levels of energy use, capturing the attention of Canadian legislators.

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Introducing energy recovery ventilation

Current Canadian projects indicate energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are not a fad, but the wave of the future. One project putting this type of HVAC technology on the ‘sustainability map’ is the Montréal-based Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM). CHUM’s 185,810-m2 (2-million-sf) expansion (pictured above) makes it one of the largest hospitals in North America.

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