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YWCA incorporates green HVAC into supportive housing

YWCA Toronto opened the doors of its Elm Centre, an affordable housing complex for women and their families incorporating various energy-efficient elements into its design. The $80-million project was designed by Hilditch Architects and spans across a city block in Toronto’s downtown core. It includes five-, 10-, and 17-storey residential towers, commercial space, and YWCA Toronto corporate offices.

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Saving energy through air filtration

Indoor air quality (IAQ) technologies combining ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) and gas-phase purification allow engineers and facility managers to reduce energy consumption while ensuring a safe environment for building occupants. Now, the latest approach is to combine these systems with photocatalytic oxidation (PCO)—a chemical reaction caused by shining UV light onto a reactive medium, usually titanium dioxide.

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Specifying service to ensure roof performance

By its nature, every roof is a unique and complex waterproofing system whose performance depends on design appropriateness, material quality, and installer craftsmanship. All three of these must be present for an assembly to achieve its anticipated lifespan. As a construction activity, roofing requires the same high level of diligence as other construction trades, such as mechanical and electrical systems.

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