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Montréal launches architecture competition for the Peter-McGill Centre project

The City of Montréal is conducting a multidisciplinary architecture competition to develop the Peter-McGill Centre. The goal is to create a vibrant and revitalizing flagship project for the city’s Ville-Marie neighbourhood. The project consists primarily of transforming the interior of a base building with a footprint of approximately 5310 m2 (57,156 sf) into a vibrant centre with a fluid, intuitive layout that combines the functions of a library, cultural centre, and social and community spaces.

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Revery Architecture’s Xiqu Centre wins AFBC award

The Xiqu Centre by Revery Architecture and Ronald Lu & Partners, and the Polygon Gallery by Patkau Architects received the ‘Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia Award in Architecture – Medal’ by the Architectural Foundation of British Columbia (AFBC). This award recognizes excellence in completed architectural projects led or designed by the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC) members.

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