How retrofit projects can modernize entrance security

Security revolving doors can allow simultaneous a two-way traffic flow and a high traffic capacity.

Full-height turnstiles

Another rugged, low-maintenance solution for the harshest outdoor conditions. These act as a deterrent against tailgating and unauthorized entry at the fence line. Initially used for outdoor access control, today’s full-height turnstiles can fit the needs of the environment, whether it is a supervised interior or an uncrewed exterior monitoring.

Access and side gates

A comfortable, low security solution providing wide lane access. Although the gates do not mitigate tailgating, they are an important component of an overall risk mitigation strategy. This type of entrance supports accessibility for people with disabilities and provides a comfortable alternative for users carrying large bags, pushing strollers or dollies, or anyone who is more comfortable using a wider lane. These gates are often placed alongside turnstiles in
supervised locations.

Optical turnstiles

A popular, medium security solution for most lobby applications, providing a balance between security and visitor management. This entrance solution includes sensors, which detect tailgating and piggybacking attempts, and raises an alarm for guards to respond, however, supervision is required.

Optical turnstile solutions provide a strong visual deterrent against intrusion and their physical barrier supports regulatory compliance and risk reduction to companies across the globe. When coupled with biometric and access control devices, their automatic moving barriers can also provide a touch-free entry experience.

Security revolving doors and mantrap portals

Security revolving doors and mantrap portals prevent unauthorized entry in the form of tailgating and piggybacking. Security revolving doors can allow simultaneous a two-way traffic flow and a high traffic capacity. Mantrap portals allow a two-way traffic flow, but only in one direction at a time, while accommodating a wheelchair, delivery cart, stroller, etc. When integrated with access control or biometric systems, these solutions can become an integral component of a building’s security defence, and can be upgraded with bullet-resistant or vandal resistant glass to provide additional protection and peace of mind for the occupants.

Both entrances support regulatory compliance, risk, liability reduction, and accurate metrics collection, and are the most secure forms of security entrances a facility can install.

Architectural revolving doors

Such doors do not mitigate tailgating; however, they offer several security features, including creating safety around a public entrance. These doors can be locked remotely by a person or access control system, and support public entry during the day, alongside authorized access at night. Should a threat develop outside, they can also be remotely locked instantly in any position.

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