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Contactless Cards and Readers: What design professionals need to know

Electronic access control systems offer several advantages over traditional locks and keys. Badges, tokens, or cards limit access to a facility to only individuals with these devices. For example, companies can restrict employees access to certain areas, or program security systems to limit access to only specific times (i.e. few hours before and after a scheduled event for vendors or delivery people).

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Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre chooses fire-rated wiring cables

The new Women’s Hospital in Winnipeg is part of the city’s Health Sciences Centre, the area’s largest hospital, which also serves residents of northwest Ontario and Nunavut. Construction on the hospital began in 2011, with the new state-of-the-art facility expected to open this fall after a total investment of $235 million. At over 27,870 m2 (300,000 sf), the new hospital will be more than three times the size of the current Women’s Pavilion.

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