How retrofit projects can modernize entrance security

Optical turnstile solutions provide a strong visual deterrent against intrusion and their physical barrier supports regulatory compliance and risk reduction to companies across the globe.

The main motivator for security upgrades remains the evolving threat landscape. Since business operations changed because of the pandemic, the drivers which were once ample for a secure and safe facility are no longer sufficient. The pandemic increased the demand for security entrances, as organizations now seek better means to control the flow of traffic into their facilities, especially with flexible work schedules where employees work at different hours. The type of security entrance deployed varies based on whether the entrance is manned by a security personnel some or all the time, or completely unsupervised. Different categories of security entrances are available to cater to the specific needs of each entry/egress location within a facility.

Laying the foundation strategy

The emerging role security entrances play in mitigating the costly liabilities associated with unauthorized entry, while assisting in the safety and well-being of staff, has never been more important. For instance, building owners working closely with emergency departments understood they should account for the changing social landscape and the growing options of available entrance technologies to control access and monitor safety. Picking a product which fits the blueprint, without considering the organizational culture and unique nature of the building, can lead a project to failure.

Understanding the goals

Before launching a physical security plan, the project team should be aware of the unique needs and demands of every organization. To mitigate risks and liabilities, they must address unauthorized entry, such as theft, bad press, legal fines, and loss of life. Each organization has a different building layout, security goals, government regulations, etc. Prior to selecting an entrance strategy, it is the owner’s responsibility to research and incorporate various elements, such as culture and throughput, and anything the organization should take into consideration regarding security.

The first step, for business owners wanting to upgrade the physical security entrances, is to define their organization’s security goals by understanding the threats to their facility and the culture of it. With this information, they can choose the right security solution which meets their organization’s needs and is a good fit with their corporate culture. Often, security consultants looking into entrances for their clients are asked the wrong questions such as, “How much does it cost?” and “How many do I need?” Instead, clients should focus on the “Why?” questions, so they can discover their overall goal surrounding security.

One challenge of a security retrofit project is new technology replacing an already-existing solution. In many instances, it is possible for existing technologies to still be part of the retrofit plan. To aid in the process, security professionals should develop a strategic roadmap ahead of time. This map should outline how to keep existing systems and devices functioning while the project is in progress. Moreover, this map should also be communicated to other employees and stakeholders in the organization for transparency purposes.

The entire retrofit project team should discuss three implications when selecting entrance solutions to mitigate unauthorized entry: security, mustering, and corporate culture. By considering elements, such as the need for guards, knowing how many people are in the building at all times, and balancing convenience with security; the security consultant, working with the owner, can select the right entry solution for their project.

Types of physical security entrances

Understanding the goal before selecting the technology solution is vital, especially on a retrofit project, because the new entrance may differ in expectation from the currently installed device. Creating a checklist of the available technology options is a good starting point. The following list highlights the lowest security protection level to the highest. It is important to take note of the types which require supervision.

Tripod turnstiles

Tripod turnstiles are a safe and secure entry solution for an area offering an easy and comfortable option for all users. These extremely rugged, low security deterrent solutions are straightforward and effective in controlling large volumes of people daily in supervised environments.

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