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Ensuring security with card-based access control systems

For buildings, the security of access control systems is critical. If a card system is hacked, there can be major problems. For example, at a university, years of research can be tampered with or lost. At a hospital, federal and provincial security rules are stringent and the penalties for having them breached can be severe. No administrator wants to be ultimately responsible for causing injury to an employee or visitor because unauthorized entry was gained via the card system.

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Bollard Protection: Specifying a solid strategy for campus safety

With diverse facility types, increased numbers of visitors, and unique traffic flow requirements, architects are tasked with finding ways to incorporate security and safety measures wherever possible. When planning or revitalizing campuses, precautionary measures should be taken to ensure student safety and prevent damage to institutions and businesses. Planning for traffic control and management is necessary. One strategy being put into action is the use of bollards, as they can play a pivotal role in ensuring safety and security when implemented in architectural planning for campus life.

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Security: From cards to cell phones

Security is complicated. In any given facility, there are multiple openings to secure and multiple people who need access. Varied layers of clearance, employee turnover rates, and a long list of other factors play a role in dictating exactly which credential solutions make the most sense. Whether it is a key, card, biometric device, or multi-factor authentication, a credential system provides access to spaces or services within a facility.

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