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Architectural zinc roofing considerations

Proper specification, design, and installation of a zinc roof can provide an esthetically appealing, cost-effective, durable system capable of lasting for up to 80 years. To realize the full potential of a zinc roof, it is important to understand not only project-specific conditions, but also the material’s composition and colour palette, seam types, attachment, and installation.

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Identifying watertightness of low-slope roof membranes

Accurate assessment of the watertightness of new and existing roofs can potentially save building owners hundreds of millions of dollars annually. The challenge for roofing specifiers is choosing the most effective exterior-to-interior watertightness evaluation techniques because there is no single, straightforward method to accurately assess water ingress. It is, however, possible to obtain reliable information on the watertightness resistance and condition of an existing roof system by combining water-detection methods.

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The challenges of winter roofing

Even in winter, immediate replacement of roof systems could be an absolute necessity, depending on the severity of leaks and the interior environment the roof is supposed to protect. Contingent on the size of the roof, its complexity, and contractor availability, there may be time to squeeze in the replacement before snow falls. While roofing can be performed during the cold, winter months, there are many challenges that must be addressed by designers, contractors, and owners. These difficulties can be amplified when reroofing over an occupied facility.

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