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Designing integrated handwashing systems

An unkempt, neglected, or outdated restroom makes people think a business does not go the extra mile for its customers or really care about what people think about its brand. A commercial restroom is an opportunity to separate from the standard, not just the subpar. Building professionals can adopt these design tips to ensure a pleasant customer journey all the way inside a business’s restroom, starting with the handwashing station.

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The importance of specifying a metering faucet

When it comes to faucets in commercial or institutional buildings, there are considerations specifiers should keep in mind for the right outcome—in other words, saving water without sacrificing performance. Besides every project being different, each type of facility has its own unique requirements. There are the water conditions, local codes, performance characteristics of the faucets, and a wide range of other variables that range from owner or contractor preference to material availability.

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