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Top tips for product presentations to interior designers

A vital part of any interior designer’s job is finding the right product to suit the client and project. There is much to comprehend before a product can be confidently specified, as new products continually become available, manufacturing processes are upgraded by technology, and environmental concerns gain importance. Designers rely on manufacturer representatives to provide critical information to assist them when selecting a product. The relationship between an interior designer and a manufacturer representative should be mutually beneficial.

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Buildex conference returns to Vancouver

Buildex, a two-day tradeshow and conference for the construction, renovation, architecture, interior design, and property management industries, is returning to Vancouver this year. From February 25 to 26, the annual conference held at the Vancouver Convention Centre West expects more than 13,500 attendees. It offers a ‘build-your-own’ conference schedule as each session is individually priced; there will also be more than 600 exhibits, and 50 educational seminars.

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