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Fixing thermal bridging in masonry foundation walls

Thermal bridges occur all over a building in transitions, terminations, and penetrations. Foundation to wall transitions, balcony projections, window and door openings, and roof parapets can all serve as thermal bridges. However, while identifying areas where thermal bridging can occur is a relatively straightforward process; some areas were harder to solve until recently, as they involved junctions where masonry loads are applied to the foundation below.

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Radon Active: Future-proofing buildings against silent hazards

Designing new buildings to meet both current and potential future hazards makes good business sense. This is particularly the case when pre-emptive protection measures have much lower costs in comparison to retrofits. One example involves proactively dealing with infiltration of radon and other soil gases (e.g. methane) into indoor air. Radon is a radioactive gas emitted by the decay of naturally occurring uranium in soil.

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