2016 CSC Conference: Setting sail for Halifax Harbour

The Winnipeg contingent poses with its Lloyd Boddy Award lectern.

The President’s Chapter Awards encourage and recognize active, forward-looking chapters, based
on a calculation in six categories, including attendance, communications, and growth, to name a few. The qualifiers for 2015−2016 were: Atlantic, Calgary, Edmonton, Grand Valley, Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Winnipeg.However, the year’s ‘best’ chapter is always the one recognized with the Lloyd Boddy lectern. This Chapter of the Year Award takes a holistic look, with the association president, immediate past-president, and executive director evaluating the local groups based on membership stability, professional development and networking opportunities, and ‘spirit.’ This year, the prestigious prize went to the Winnipeg Chapter.

The Chapters themselves also took time to celebrate their own membership through Chapter Awards of Merit:

  • Atlantic: Louis A. Beaubien;
  • Calgary: Stephanie Fargas, CSP, Sylvie Dzikewich, CTR, and Jacques A.F. Gauthier, CCCA;
  • Edmonton: Jeff Halashewski and Tracey Stawnichy;
  • Grand Valley: Colin Goheen, CTR, and Jane Fish, CCCA;
  • Montréal: Yvon Lachance, CCCA, and Dave Barriault;
  • Ottawa: Michael E. Thornber;
  • Regina: Carma Holmes;
  • Saskatoon: Trevor Knoll;
  • Toronto: Paul Wong, CSP, Bruce Hudson, CTR, Kaz Kanani, CCCA, CSP, and Rajiv Rattan, CCCA, CSP;
  • Vancouver: Bradley Morris, CSP, Eric Poxleitner, and Brian Maher, CTR;
  • Vancouver Island: Terrence Bergen, CCCA, and Grace Bergen; and
  • Winnipeg: Terri Randall, Brenda Thompson, and Jennifer Webber.
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