2016 CSC Conference: Setting sail for Halifax Harbour

Life members
The CSC Life Award is the highest accolade the association can bestow on an individual in recognition of service to the association. It was conferred on two members this year, both past-presidents and Fellows: Stephen O. Revay, FCSC, and Keith Robinson, FCSC, RSW.

Revay joined CSC’s Calgary Chapter in 1982, holding various executive positions right from the beginning. Throughout the 1990s, he served on the Trustees of CSC Alberta Section Training Trust Fund (AS TTF), which was instrumental in actions such as completing the Educational Resource Manual, developing home-study, two-day, and five-day workshop programs, and various seminars and certification programs.

The frequent lecturer and design/construction expert has received numerous awards, including the 1994 President’s Award and the 1995 National Award of Merit; in 2002, the CSI Northwest Region gave him a Director’s Citation for co-chairing a conference with CSC’s U.S. counterparts.

“I was honoured to be presented with the Life Award because of our Association’s mission and its members,” Revay said, after the ceremony. “When I look at the people who have previously received the award, I feel truly humbled to be included in that esteemed group. I firmly believe CSC’s goal to improve the quality of constructions documents is exceedingly important for our industry.
I continue to be impressed with the people in our association who care about each other and are equally passionate about our mission—I consider many to be friends.”

The other Life Award recipient, Keith Robinson, joined CSC in 1988, as part of a specifying and construction administration career that has taken him from Belize and Egypt to Japan and Nunavut. He mentors specifiers as part of his role at DIALOG, and also teaches at the University of Alberta and lectures to many different associations and at many conferences throughout the year.

Robinson has held multiple offices at the CSC Edmonton Chapter and at the national level; his myriad contributions include participation in everything from seminar and course development to modifications for CSC/CSI SectionFormat/PageFormat, OmniClass, and MasterFormat. He is also a member of Construction Canada’s Editorial Advisory Board.

“Finding out that I had been awarded the CSC Life Membership made me feel humbled and a bit out of place,” Robinson told Construction Canada. “It caused me to look at myself in a different light, in context with previous Life Members, several of whom were in the audience during the award ceremony. I realized the people I respected and that influenced my career growth had succeeded—a bit of them rubbed off on me, and now am one of them. I have a definite sense of pride in receiving the Life Membership Award and look forward to helping others on their paths in the same way my mentors guided me.”

Okanagan ho!
Next year, the Vancouver Chapter of CSC will be hosting the annual conference in Kelowna, B.C.—home to stunning lakeside vistas, vineyards, mountains, forests, and possibly Ogopogo—a legendary local sea serpent. Even if those planning on making the trip fail to catch a sight of the Canadian counterpart to the Loch Ness Monster, the event still promises to be full of education, networking, and fun-filled opportunities.

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