2016 CSC Conference: Setting sail for Halifax Harbour

Recognizing the best
The Rockfon-sponsored awards luncheon gave CSC a chance to celebrate its membership for work and dedication going beyond expectations. With the decorated banners of various chapters displayed for all to see, the annual event really cements how design/construction professionals have embraced the ethos to give back to not only their association, but also their industry. CSC’s awards program is not solely about honouring past efforts, however—it is also about encouraging those named recipients to continue and increase their participation in association activities, while also instilling a similar enthusiasm in their fellow members.

Program Director’s Awards
Over the lunch, Program Director’s Awards were given out in numerous categories, but none were more timely than the accolade for the 2016 Conference Committee in recognition of its efforts and hard work toward ensuring an informative, educational, and fun time in Halifax. Members in attendance included:

  • Burtt Barteaux, FCSC;
  • Mary Brooks;
  • Mitchell Brooks, FCSC;
  • David Cameron;
  • Brian Colgan, FCSC, RSW;
  • Hedy Colgan;
  • John Connely, CTR;
  • Scott Cunning, CCCA;
  • Heather Emmett;
  • Peter S. Emmett, CCCA;
  • Steve Faulkner;
  • Susie Faulkner;
  • Harry P. Forbes;
  • Nancy Forbes;
  • Greer Grady;
  • Abigail MacEachern, RSW;
  • Amy McCulloch;
  • John-Nevan G. McCulloch;
  • Vincent Moseley;
  • Rick Thomas, CTR; and
  • Paula Webber.

Others were recognized for outstanding contributions completing the mandate of the Education Maintenance Task Team (EMTT). After a number of years of dedication, and with the last original member of the committee stepping down, the Education Certification Committee (ECC) program director’s award went to:

  • Thomas Dunbar, FCSC, RSW;
  • Corinne Golding, FCSC, RSW;
  • Chris Lance, CCCA;
  • Russ Snow, CSP, CTR; and
  • Betty-Jo Tell, RSW, CCCA.

This year’s Program Director’s Award for Membership/Chapter Development and Communications was presented to Isabelle Champagne, CTR, for her activities with both the Toronto and Ottawa CSC Chapters. She also works closely with the Grand Valley Chapter’s Cathie Schneider, CTR, co-chairing the student design competition.

National Award of Merit
CSC’s National Award of Merit is presented to individuals or groups within the association for exceptional effort, zeal, and effectiveness. The Ottawa Chapter’s chair, Sonia Zouari, CSP, CCCA, was fêted for her work on various CSC sustainability events and leading her contingent’s growth.

The Student Design Competition guide-developers—the aforementioned Schneider and Champagne, along with Susan M. Cunha, Jared Cardiff, Juste Fanou, and Kazim Kanani, CCCA, CSP—were honoured for creating a means for other chapters to ‘franchise’ the successful initiative.

William D. Preston also received this award for numerous achievements, including his long stint on the Saskatoon Chapter executive and numerous local presentations and published legal articles.

F. Ross Browne Award
The F. Ross Browne Award, given to the author of the best article to appear in Construction Canada, as chosen by an elite jury of CSC members, was Gary Sturgeon for his March 2016 technical feature, “Canadian Masonry for Sound Buildings.”

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