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Stone adds a timeless quality to a Toronto landmark

The Aga Khan Park in Toronto includes three distinct stone elements on a 7-ha (17-acre) campus-like property. The Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Centre are light-coloured stone buildings. The space between them encompasses reflecting granite pools, and stone accents. A formal 1-ha (2.5-acre) garden connects the structures. The whole complex is a cultural hub and represents Canada’s vibrant diversity.

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Dingle Memorial Tower: A study in conservation strategy development

For more than a century, the Dingle Memorial Tower overlooking the panoramic landscape of Halifax’s Northwest Arm has been a popular destination for not only the local community, but also countless visitors from beyond. In 1908, Sir Sandford Fleming donated to Haligonians the 38.5-ha (95-acre) Dingle Park, which gets its name from an Old English word meaning ‘wooded dell or valley.’ He proposed a monument should be erected there to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first elected government in the British Empire (outside the Mother Country), which had taken place in Nova Scotia in 1758.

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