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Turning retrofits into success stories with IMPs

Driven by the principles of high-performance energy (HPE) buildings through government, energy codes, and the green building movement, building energy designs across Canada and around the world strive to improve. The increasing focus on the implementation of energy-efficiency requirements, for both new construction and deep energy retrofits for commercial and public buildings, begins with envelope-first energy efficiency, reduced energy demand loads, and related greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

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Grant MacEwan University achieves savings and enhanced lighting quality

Grant MacEwan University (Edmonton) is an innovative educational institution focused on student learning. The school also strives to exemplify the value of environmental stewardship throughout the 139,354-m2 (1.5-million sf) campus. In January 2010, MacEwan initiated a project to replace all 6500 T12 fluorescent luminaries with volumetric lighting fixtures well suited for school, hospital, and office applications.

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