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Denmark architects visit Toronto

Last week, representatives from five architecture firms from Denmark were in Toronto participating in the From Denmark to Canada event.

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Opening the Doors on a New Courthouse in Thunder Bay

Courthouses were historically centrepieces of municipal life, both literally and figuratively. Located in the heart of communities, these buildings formed the core of a city’s civic governance, ensuring peace, justice, and good order. This stature was reflected in the buildings, which were commonly impressive stone and wood edifices designed around a ‘live’ acoustical environment allowing judges and participants to hear everything. However, as the years brought modern technology and evolving needs, these once grand spaces often became closed-in rooms with little natural light, where it became increasingly difficult for occupants to hear the proceedings.

Creating the Quiet Zone: Improving noise control in hospitals

Noise is a well-documented problem in hospitals. In a 2007 study of two facilities, no less than 86 different sources were listed, including patients, staff and visitors talking, and the cacophony produced by televisions, alarms, carts, and doors, along with medical and mechanical equipment.

BIM PxP: Knowing the execution plan essentials

Construction surveys are suggesting building information modelling (BIM) is experiencing strong, continuing growth in use by stakeholders throughout the industry. This means BIM is being employed by more practitioners to document greater project scopes for increasingly diverse purposes over extended project phases.

University of Manitoba Fitness Facility Expansion Underway

By David Casal Founded in 1877 as Western Canada’s first university, the University of Manitoba is the province’s only research-intensive, post-secondary institution. With comprehensive postgraduate and undergraduate programs, its Winnipeg campus hosts more than 27,000 students daily in over 90 separate disciplines. For the past three years, Simon Wang has served as facilities manager/director. He is responsible for the maintenance of more than 46,451 m2 (500,000 sf) of athletic and recreational facilities and equipment at U of M. Recently, this included the $3-million renovation of the main locker rooms at the Frank Kennedy Centre (FKC).

Revved up renovation for Windsor Harley-Davidson facility

By Kevin Hutchings Harley-Davidson, the iconic motorcycle manufacturer, is known worldwide as not just a brand, but also a lifestyle. After serving customers for two decades in a 668-m2 (7200-sf) building that tripled as a showroom, service shop, and warehouse, the Thunder Road Harley-Davidson in Windsor, Ont., had outgrown its space. Owners Chris and Carol O’Neil purchased a nearby building, and the new 576-m2 (6200-sf) space was renovated. This addition served as the service department and warehouse for the next several years. However, by early 2013, the dealership once again needed to expand. The existing showroom was too small, the low...