Winnipeg Chapter presents on insulation

CSC Winnipeg will be presenting a webinar on “Thermally Broken – Shelf Angles” on Wednesday, February 24, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

Continuous insulation is an effective way of achieving high R-value walls. However, thermally inefficient materials, such as façade attachments, penetrate the building envelope causing thermal bridging significantly degrading the insulation’s thermal performance. Heavy masonry veneer claddings require a robust structural attachment system to transfer cladding loads back to the primary structure. To resist the imposed forces, masonry veneer claddings are traditionally connected by a combination of intermittent anchors and shelf angle to the building structure. While supporting the imposed forces, structural penetrations, such as these, reduce the effective R-value of the wall assembly. This presentation will focus on thermally efficient methods for masonry cladding support.

The course is American Institute of Architects (AIA) accredited and counts as one learning unit.

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