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Snøhetta completes its 4th energy-positive powerhouse in Norway

Snøhetta, alongside collaborators R8 Property, Skanska, and Asplan Viak, has completed its fourth energy-positive building in its powerhouse portfolio. As part of the Powerhouse series, Powerhouse Telemark, Norway, sets a new standard for the construction of environmentally sustainable buildings by reducing its yearly net energy consumption by 70 per cent when compared to similar new-construction offices, and by producing more energy than it will consume over its entire lifespan.

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Snøhetta completes lush, open office in timber

Designed by Snøhetta, the new timber office building for trekking and travel company ASI Reisen, situated in Natters, Austria, is inspired by a symbiosis between nature and humanity. Surrounded by a lush exterior, the four-storey structure combines timber frame construction with solid wooden elements to optimize material use and allow for the greatest amount of open floor plans.

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Measuring wood’s moisture content

Wood is an exceptionally versatile and attractive building material that has been used in construction for thousands of years. Wood’s advantages in construction are many. It is extremely strong in relation to its weight, is widely available, and is economically competitive with other types of building materials. Additionally, wood is durable, reusable, and carries the lowest carbon footprint of any comparable building material.

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