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The effect of temperature on insulation performance

On the surface, R-value is a simple thing. In fact, it has become the standard metric of thermal performance precisely because it is easy to explain and understand. Most insulation materials have ‘label R-values’ stamped on their faces (or at least displayed in large print on the packaging), but these values do not tell the whole story of how insulation performs in service. Some complicating factors—such as thermal bridging—have become fairly well-known.

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Achieving Energy-efficient Buildings: Using thermally enhanced channel glass for energy savings

In this age of energy conservation, architects and designers must consider the benefits of natural light admitted through fenestration products versus light from electrical systems. With the balance usually swinging toward natural light, it is all about managing the impact on a building’s thermal performance. The main challenge of fenestration assemblies is allowing natural light into the building and effectively distributing it throughout interior spaces.

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Thermal importance of windows

Of all the components of a building enclosure, windows can have the greatest impact on energy consumption. This can be disproportionate to the area of the enclosure the windows cover. Therefore, it is important architects and specifiers are aware of the significant impact of windows on the overall building enclosure’s thermal performance when designing, evaluating, and selecting enclosure assemblies for new buildings and retrofit projects.

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