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B.C. nature group partners with cement company to save amphibians

Fraser Valley Conservancy worked with cement manufacturer Lafarge to create an innovative concrete tunnel for amphibian protection. Since 2008, the Fraser Valley Conservancy has been working with local landowners in the Ryder Lake area of Chilliwack, B.C. to study migration patterns of local amphibians. There are six species in the area, including Western toads, Northern Red-legged frogs, Pacific Chorus frogs, Northwestern salamanders, long-toed salamanders, and rough-skinned newts.

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Passive House conference coming to Vancouver

The 2015 North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) conference will be held in Vancouver from October 1 to 2. The conference was designed to boost the Passive House movement in North America. Organizers believe the focus on big buildings and affordability will inspire and inform not only building industry professionals, but also policy makers and government officials.

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