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Creating worship spaces that sound heavenly

Churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues are hubs of activity in the communities they serve. Far beyond the weekend worship service, they are home to civic meeting spaces, classrooms, auditoriums, and other community uses. However, as congregations and communities change, so must worship spaces. Many traditional churches are contending with aging congregations, while other denominations are increasing or following development patterns into growing communities. While some churches may be dealing with falling attendance, others are expanding their role in the community.

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Sound Advice: Specifying and procuring sound masking systems

Everyone has heard the old adage “silence is golden,” but just as with lighting and temperature, the comfort zone for the volume of sound is actually not zero. In fact, if the background sound level in a space is too low, conversations and noise can easily be heard, even from a great distance, impacting speech privacy and disrupting one’s concentration. Many organizations use a sound masking system to maintain an appropriate ambient sound level in their facilities, which is typically between 42 and 48 decibels (dB) in commercial interiors.

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