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Selecting the right ceiling for an office

In an office setting, some people are more productive and happier when they can interact freely with each other. An open-plan design can contribute to such an environment—the office itself can assist in achieving corporate goals, while protecting the positive elements of a corporation’s culture. But what about the acoustics? Check out a new e-book for guidance.

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Understanding acoustic privacy within the built environment

It is easy to understand the need for acoustic privacy—or even acoustic security—from a speaker’s perspective, particularly in environments where medical information, financial planning, personal relationships, trade secrets, or matters of national security are being discussed. However, a lack of acoustic privacy can have impacts beyond divulging sensitive information to unintended parties. Find out more in a new e-book.

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Providing acoustic comfort with sound masking

Since a sound masking system’s ability provide these noise-control benefits largely depends on meeting the specified spectrum—or ‘curve’—throughout the facility, post-installation tuning is an essential part of the commissioning process. Find out more in a new, free, downloadable e-book.

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