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Design tips for going barrier-free

The great advantage of barrier-free showers is they are more functional than their traditional counterparts. They provide easy access for anyone—especially children, the elderly, and those with reduced mobility. Further, the absence of doorsills and corners makes them easier to maintain. Seamless floor transitions also maximize floor space by making the shower look and ‘feel’ bigger. This is particularly true for small bathrooms where glass doors are eliminated to make the space more functional and practical.

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Designing barrier-free showers

Over the last decade, it seems the demand and desire for barrier-free bathrooms has grown dramatically. Aside from the importance of accessibility and universal design for those with physical challenges, this phenomenon can be partially attributed to ‘baby boomers’ who are now finding they are not as mobile as in the past; some are having difficulty stepping into a tub or even over a 150-mm (3-in.) high shower curb. Additionally, the popularity of large hot tubs in bathrooms seems to have run its course. Many builders have started to switch from using space-consuming and somewhat energy-inefficient luxury fixtures and are instead installing multiple shower heads and sometimes a steam generator into shower spaces.

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