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Designing vegetated roofing for wind forces

From a purely economic perspective, the positive impact of a vegetative ‘green’ roofing assembly is measured in the long term—40 years or more. This means ensuring its performance and safety over an extended period is crucial. A green roof protects the underlying waterproofing membrane from the elements. Combined with a higher-quality membrane necessary to resist soil and plant forces, the result should be a longer roof lifecycle decades beyond a conventional system’s 20 to 25 years.

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Specifying service to ensure roof performance

By its nature, every roof is a unique and complex waterproofing system whose performance depends on design appropriateness, material quality, and installer craftsmanship. All three of these must be present for an assembly to achieve its anticipated lifespan. As a construction activity, roofing requires the same high level of diligence as other construction trades, such as mechanical and electrical systems.

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