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The kitimat modernization project

In 2009, Montréal-based international corporation Rio Tinto Alcan began the process of modernizing its aluminium smelter located in Kitimat, B.C. To provide space for the new smelter, several existing facilities were dismantled and the area was cleared. Additionally, two lodging camps for workers were built.

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Specifying precast terrazzo

Terrazzo has been valued for its durability and subtle beauty with an uncompromising record of performance dating back over a thousand years. From its ancient beginnings, terrazzo has been used for floors in many commercial, industrial, and institutional applications because it typically lasts the lifetime of the building. Today, many installations that are more than 30 years old are still being used and can be viewed throughout Canada.

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Opening the doors on a new courthouse in Thunder Bay

Courthouses were historically centrepieces of municipal life, both literally and figuratively. Located in the heart of communities, these buildings formed the core of a city’s civic governance, ensuring peace, justice, and good order. This stature was reflected in the buildings, which were commonly impressive stone and wood edifices designed around a ‘live’ acoustical environment allowing judges and participants to hear everything. However, as the years brought modern technology and evolving needs, these once grand spaces often became closed-in rooms with little natural light, where it became increasingly difficult for occupants to hear the proceedings.

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