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The mid-rise horizon

Within the next two decades, Toronto expects its population to grow by 500,000; the city’s plan is to accommodate half of these new residents in mid-rise developments. In light of the fact mid-rises—defined as between four and 11 storeys—are still often seen as an uneconomical mode of development, the city’s plan may seem overly ambitious.

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Fire Doors, Life Safety, and Hardware: Avoiding code confusion

It is an all-too-common tale: a job is finished, and it is time for the inspectors to show up and sign-off on the entire project. Unfortunately, they find the doors and hardware are not to code. This comes as a surprise. After all, the design team relied on the same code information used on its last building in Ontario and… this facility is in Québec, which has different requirements.

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Designing vegetated roofing for wind forces

From a purely economic perspective, the positive impact of a vegetative ‘green’ roofing assembly is measured in the long term—40 years or more. This means ensuring its performance and safety over an extended period is crucial. A green roof protects the underlying waterproofing membrane from the elements. Combined with a higher-quality membrane necessary to resist soil and plant forces, the result should be a longer roof lifecycle decades beyond a conventional system’s 20 to 25 years.

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