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Designing integrated handwashing systems

An unkempt, neglected, or outdated restroom makes people think a business does not go the extra mile for its customers or really care about what people think about its brand. A commercial restroom is an opportunity to separate from the standard, not just the subpar. Building professionals can adopt these design tips to ensure a pleasant customer journey all the way inside a business’s restroom, starting with the handwashing station.

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The challenges of winter roofing

Even in winter, immediate replacement of roof systems could be an absolute necessity, depending on the severity of leaks and the interior environment the roof is supposed to protect. Contingent on the size of the roof, its complexity, and contractor availability, there may be time to squeeze in the replacement before snow falls. While roofing can be performed during the cold, winter months, there are many challenges that must be addressed by designers, contractors, and owners. These difficulties can be amplified when reroofing over an occupied facility.

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On the history highway

From our earliest days as Specification Associate, the official publication of Construction Specifications Canada (CSC), this magazine has covered a wide variety of topics for specifiers, architects, and engineers. To celebrate our 60th anniversary, we look back through the pages of history.

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