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The detrimental effects of UV on barriers

Water-resistive barriers (WRBs) play a vital role in the performance of a wall system. Unfortunately, barriers can be undermined even before they clad the walls due to ultraviolet (UV) exposure. Understanding and minimizing the impact of UV on WRB is critical to ensuring the integrity of the wall assembly and building performance for years.

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Theory of a self-drying roof

Roof enclosures have the largest litigation potential in the construction industry due to complexities in design, application, and environmental exposure. A self-drying roof enclosure would minimize the litigation potential and provide additional benefits, such as increased roof resiliency, reduced financial burden, and minimal impact on the environment.

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The air/vapour barrier must die

The terms “air barrier” and “vapour retarder” (or “vapour barrier”) are perhaps some of the most poorly understood concepts in the construction industry. A general lack of understanding of the functions of these materials has resulted in simplistic rules-of- thumb. It is crucial the industry agrees on terminology that communicates the specific functions and purpose of these materials to avoid confusion and costly errors.

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