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Zinc panels right at home on Vancouver outdoor equipment store

Several factors influenced the design of the new Arc’teryx flagship store in Vancouver, but all led to the prominent use of zinc on the exterior. The retail chain, founded by local climbers in 1989, offers high-performance outdoor equipment and clothing. Custom titanium zinc panels, installed on a diagonal façade along with granite to symbolize the nearby mountain horizon, highlight the retailer’s largest Canadian store.

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Accelerated corrosion testing

The purpose of an accelerated corrosion test is to duplicate the field corrosion performance of a building material in the laboratory. This provides scientists and engineers with a means of quickly developing new products. For many years, the salt spray test has been used extensively for this purpose by researchers in the evaluation of new metallic coatings, paint coatings, types of chemical treatments, and paint pretreatments for use with metallic-coated steel sheet products.

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