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Message from the president: What does leadership mean?

Everyone knows what leadership is, and everyone wants to be, or thinks they are, a leader. However, very few can articulate what leadership truly means. For any organization to succeed, it must have a clear definition of leadership; after all, it is a crucial step for developing future leaders and maintaining the focus and stock of current ones.

Leadership can be defined in several different ways. Some believe it means having business acumen, such as …

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Message from the president: Pick your battles carefully

I cannot recall a time where we have been so challenged to adapt, adjust, refocus, and find a way to survive the ‘new norm.’ By no means am I calling COVID-19 the most difficult event in human history, but I believe it is the most difficult challenge of our generation. This is a chance to show generosity of spirit, grace towards those with differing opinions, and unity with those who do what is best for their fellow citizens. Choose kindness always and do not argue with ‘donkeys.’

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