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Ontario proposes wage rules for construction

Legislation introduced in mid-April would, if passed, ensure people working in construction, building cleaning or security jobs under contracts with the government will be paid the fair, prevailing wage in those sectors. The proposed Government Contract Wages Act, 2018, would allow Ontario to establish minimum rates of pay for workers, requiring contractors and subcontractors to pay according to those rates.

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Building the proper invoice

In Ontario, issuance of an invoice is not an official pre-condition to the registration of a Claim for Lien, but this may soon change. Several of the proposed changes to the act include timelines triggered by the delivery of a “proper invoice.”

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Dawn of the ‘super contract’

Over the years, the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) has developed and kept current a series of standard construction contracts for use across the country. Is there potential for ‘super contracts’ to make processes more efficient?

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