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The New Generation of Spray Foam

Do you want to learn about the new generation of spray foam? Then make sure to tune into Construction Canada’s upcoming webinar.

Ibrahim Huseen, Construction and Standards Regulations Specialist at BASF Canada, Chris Janzen, Field Applications and Warranties Manager at BASF Canada, and Michael Pace, Owner and President at Building Resources Inc., will be presenting the webinar.

Join the webinar to:

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Helping project teams survive and thrive through risk ready e-mail management

Do you want to learn how project teams can survive and thrive through risk-ready e-mail management? Then make sure you watch Construction Canada’s webcast.

In these uncertain times, projects will be delayed, they will need to restart, contracts will need re-writing, and there will be awkward conversations. Some businesses will be better prepared than others for this, and effective project management will be more important than ever. Everyone in the business …

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Edmonton focuses on education and curling

On January 8, the Edmonton Chapter of CSC will begin its Specifier (SP) and Technical Representative (TR) courses. Running from 6 to 9 p.m., the 15-week Specifier course will be held at Stantec and the 11-week TR program will be at Stoncor Group. The Chapter is also hosting a curling social. On January 18, it is hosting the 2018 CSC YEG Curling Funspiel at the Shamrock Curling Club. The event, which includes dinner, runs from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m.

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