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Specifying formaldehyde-absorbing wallboard

Last spring, several members of Group2 Architecture Interior Design, revisited their plans for an office space in Edmonton after hearing a wallboard that absorbs one of the highest concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—formaldehyde. The firm’s new lease was for a 478-m2 (5150-sf) top floor plate in a nine-storey building. They were to completely remodel the space, adding new framework and drywall, among other things.

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The right finish for abuse-resistant walls

In certain high-traffic applications, abuse-resistant gypsum boards can be cost-effective alternatives to concrete masonry unit (CMUs). These drywall products can contain specially designed fibreglass reinforcement that provides resistance to hard impacts and penetrations, contributing to overall durability and longevity of interior spaces in buildings.

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Before the Drywall Dries: The evolution of construction starts from within

Constructing the buildings that define communities is not simply a matter of enclosing a volume of space, but rather a complex blending of function, esthetics, needs, and owners’ desires. These criteria must fit within the practical constraints of climate, available resources, and schedule demands. As competition increases, successful contractors must continually find new ways to cut costs and protect margins without sacrificing quality or client satisfaction.

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