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Designing to reduce a building’s embodied carbon

The carbon footprint of the design and construction industry reaches far beyond the boundaries of a single building or site. Due to various processes, ranging from the extraction of raw materials to manufacturing and installation of the construction materials, the impact of a single project includes both embodied carbon within the built environment and operational carbon generated throughout the life cycle of the structure. Embodied carbon is defined as the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted during the full life cycle of a product from extraction (cradle) to the use and disposal phases (grave).

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Pomerleau and DIALOG take inaugural BIM awards

Pomerleau, a general contracting firm based in Québec, took two categories in the Canada Building Information Modelling (CanBIM) Council’s first-ever national awards. The award program has three categories: innovation, interoperability, and best in BIM. Pomerleau earned top honours in the innovation category for Place Bell, a sports centre in Laval, as well as the best in BIM category for the Videotron Centre in Québec City.

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