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Restoration of a heritage brick clock tower

During the restoration of a clock tower in Huntsville, Ont., the contractor uncovered significant deterioration within the multi-wythe clay brick exterior walls. The project was expanded to include: demolition of the deteriorated brick walls, reconstruction of the tower walls one corner at a time, replacement of the steel roof, and recladding of the tower exterior walls.

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Transforming architecture with copper

Structures across Canada are turning green in more ways than one. The Beaty Lundin Visitor Centre (Britannia Beach, B.C.), the University of Toronto at Mississauga Campus Instructional Centre, and Oshawa’s University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) are examples of buildings clad in copper—a material that naturally turns green, and is 100 per cent recyclable.

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Copper’s antimicrobial properties

When an architect, designer, or specifier is asked what characteristics of copper they are drawn to, the answers can be intriguing. Some might mention the natural colour—from the bare, polished, salmon colour of new material to the mature, patinated, green of aged material—or the warmth copper and copper alloys bring to any assembly. Others might cite the lack of maintenance copper alloys require and their long lifecycle.

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