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Understanding the Canadian Air Barrier Standards

During the 1970s, extensive research was carried out in Canada on air leakage in buildings. Researchers at the National Research Council (NRC) demonstrated the importance of managing air leakage through the building enclosure. In the following decade, the concept of air barrier material emerged and was formally introduced in the 1985 edition of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC).

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Choosing SPF as an effective air barrier component

With varying degrees of detail and prescription, Canadian building codes—regardless of the model code—require all buildings to be provided with an air barrier. Where the language is more performance-oriented, such as in Part 5 of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) and Part 3 of the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB), key concepts such as “system” and “continuity” are introduced as well as quantitative criteria.

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Sealing open doorways and saving energy with air barriers

One of the greatest sources of energy loss in a building is through an open door. For years, facilities have been losing substantial amounts of energy and money, while occupants suffer the discomfort of cold drafts blasting in when the doors are open. What some people do not know is there is a technology on the market that can create a significant energy-efficient seal on open doors by simply re-circulating facility air across the doorway.

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