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Snøhetta completes lush, open office in timber

Designed by Snøhetta, the new timber office building for trekking and travel company ASI Reisen, situated in Natters, Austria, is inspired by a symbiosis between nature and humanity. Surrounded by a lush exterior, the four-storey structure combines timber frame construction with solid wooden elements to optimize material use and allow for the greatest amount of open floor plans.

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A reintroduction to acoustics

Acoustics is a vital part of our everyday experience of the built environment; however, the role background sound plays in making these environments more comfortable for occupants is often overlooked. As a result, the misconception persists that acoustical dissatisfaction and lack of speech privacy can be resolved merely by limiting noise levels or blocking transmission.

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Acoustical consultants and occupant well-being

While the acoustical performance of a space may not be horrible without the input of an expert, it will not be optimal. For example, ceilings could either be inadequate in acoustical performance (resulting in costly remedial actions) or over-designed for esthetics, squandering valuable budget dollars in building materials and installation time.

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