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Integrating Lighting into Specialty Ceilings

When integrating lighting into standard ceiling solutions, such as grid, drywall, and open-to-structure ceilings, traditional luminaire form factors, including troffers, downlights, recessed linear, and suspended products, are common and relatively straightforward to integrate. However, as specialty ceiling products have emerged, with often complex, three-dimensional, and organic form factors, so have the challenges associated with the design and installation of integrated, functional luminaire solutions.

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Thermoformed Ceilings: Overview of an overhead option

Thermoformed plastic ceilings have been manufactured since the mid-20th century, and their utility has recently increased due to product innovations, rigorous testing, and certifications from leading building product evaluation services. The growing acceptance of these types of products is evidenced by the addition of a new MasterFormat number and title, 09 54 29–Suspended Plastic Ceilings that will be part of the next update in early 2016.

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