Study highlights new competition in wear coatings

by Katie Daniel | January 11, 2016 3:39 pm

steel chromium-plated rings with thread on a blue background[1]
According to a new study by consulting firm Thintri, hard chrome has health and environmental hazards, so it highlights some alternatives in wear coating technology. Photo ©

A new market study by consulting firm Thintri projects significant opportunities with chrome alternatives in wear coatings.

The study, “Wear Coatings: Hard Chrome and Its Alternatives, 2016,” highlights the movement from traditional hard chrome and common chrome replacements, such as thermal spray, to a range of new technology poised to capture significant markets in wear coatings.

Traditional hard-chrome plating has relied on use of hexavalent chromium solutions, which is linked to some health and environmental hazards. The tightened restrictions on hazardous materials resulted in alternatives—the main one being thermal sprays like high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF).

More alternatives include hard trivalent chrome, a long-sought method of plating chrome without using hazardous hexavalent chrome. Another is electrodeposited nanocrystalline cobalt-phosphorous (NCoP), which includes raw materials that are pricier than chrome, but provide 90 percent efficiency compared to chrome’s 20 percent. Lastly, electroless nickel (EN) improves the wear properties by adding small particles like Teflon, which is added to improve lubricity, and diamond or silicon carbide, which improves wear resistance.

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