FenBC and FGIA integration promises better reach, collab, and oversight

The Fenestration Association of British Columbia (FenBC) has become a Canadian region of the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) since Sept 1, 2022. Photo courtesy FGIA

The Fenestration Association of British Columbia (FenBC) has become a Canadian region of the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) as of Sept 1, 2022, which will help both organizations gain better access to new areas, enhance collaboration opportunities, and allow for better administrative control.

The boards of both organizations approved the creation of FGIA’s first Canadian region by integrating FenBC as the newly formed FGIA FenBC Region. In February 2021, the FGIA and FenBC signed an official agreement for collaboration with the intent of developing mutual synergies to allow both organizations to best support their respective members. The collaboration enhanced the reach and visibility of both organizations while ensuring efficiencies in monitoring, which will continue with the FGIA FenBC Region.

The Region will operate similarly to the pre-existing FGIA U.S. regions—FGIA Southeast Region and FGIA Western Region—and will focus on regulatory and government initiatives, product installation, commercial contractor interests and related needs within British Columbia (BC). In addition, a region-specific one-day in-person meeting and a one-day virtual event will be included each year.

“By expanding FGIA regional offerings to include FenBC, FGIA strengthens its Canadian presence with a strong and well-respected provincial organization. Members from both organizations will realize greater opportunities for networking and building business relationships,” said Dan Parrish, chairman of the FGIA Board and engineering manager with Pella Corporation. “The joining of these two industry associations will expand our diversity of expertise, which will benefit the entire membership, and signals a greater international cooperation of members that will promote further unity of our industry standards.”

“FENBC members will have a voice in a leading North American industry alliance at a time of supply chain uncertainty and instability,” said Dave Goldsmith, chairman of the FenBC Board and senior code and compliance engineer with Ply Gem Canada. “It will also allow for greater collaboration relative to events, education, advocacy and technical standards and will avoid the duplication of effort between separate industry associations, while maintaining a FenBC Board of Directors as an FGIA Region Board of Directors.”

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