How to save trees with concrete

In communities across Canada, people are recycling more, driving less, and conserving water. As construction goes green, insulated concrete forms (ICFs) have been soaring in popularity. Millions of people are now passionate about the efficient use of natural resources, and that has affected every activity from transportation to construction.

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Designing a landscape for learning

The landscape architecture studio at FORREC was tasked with creating an exterior for the new student centre at York University, Toronto. This project serves as an example of the benefits of a contemporary, collaborative construction effort between the client, other stakeholders, end-users, and the design and construction teams.

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Offsite versus onsite construction

Offsite construction is becoming more prevalent in Canada due to its increased efficiency on jobsites, labour shortage, and tight project timelines. The market for prefabrication modular building systems is expected to rise as more sustainable building standards are implemented because offsite applications create less waste and use less energy.

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Designing integrated handwashing systems

An unkempt, neglected, or outdated restroom makes people think a business does not go the extra mile for its customers or really care about what people think about its brand. A commercial restroom is an opportunity to separate from the standard, not just the subpar. Building professionals can adopt these design tips to ensure a pleasant customer journey all the way inside a business’s restroom, starting with the handwashing station.

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Construction and silicosis: What you need to know

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), an estimated 160 million people suffer from work-related diseases, with some two million dying annually as a result. About eight per cent of these occupational disease deaths can be directly attributed to respiratory complications. What exactly is silicosis, though, and what should design/construction professionals know to help reduce its impact on those in the industry?

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Guest column: Lazy construction has disastrous results

By Brian Shedden, BSSO

What are the main problems relating to the state of wood-framed construction in Canada?

All over the country, I am seeing restorations—which, traditionally, have been reserved for either replacing components that have reached the end of their service or for a simple ‘face-lift’—for buildings less than 10 years of age.

In my hands-on role as principal at an engineering firm, I spend most of my time investigating building envelope failures in …

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