Understand floor flatness with CSC Vancouver

How do you handle quality problems with concrete slabs? This is the question CSC’s Vancouver Chapter seeks to answer at its lunch meeting on Thursday, February 9.

Don Brletic (Ardex Americas), John Alley (Custom Building Products), and Chris Maskell (National Floor Covering Association [NFCA]) will discuss how achieving floor flatness/level values that allow the floorcovering trade to install without delay is a constant challenge in construction—one that can have a tremendous impact on the construction schedule, budget, and completion date.

Their presentation serves to raise awareness of the disparity between Division 03 and Division 09, and discusses the consequences for tile, resilient, and carpet floorcoverings and the standards required for each to satisfy warranties and NFCA guidelines. It takes place at the Sandman Hotel at 11:30 a.m. For more information, click here.

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