Turning Retrofits into Success Stories with IMPs: A success story in the making

By Paul Bertram, CSC, FCSI, CDT, LEED AP, and Ian Manser, CEM
In London, Ont., a multi-residential apartment building built in 1970 was beginning to show significant signs of wear and tear on its exterior clay through-the-wall (TTW) brick, and owners had to develop a plan. Having already undertaken smaller localized repairs in the past, new water penetration issues on the upper, west-facing floors where the building is susceptible to driving rains, were cause to go in another direction.

Housing more than 200 people in 133 suites, a complete teardown was not an option. The owners, who built the structure and own the majority of the surrounding neighbourhood, were focused on a preservation of the existing building. Residents were a priority; not a single occupant was to be displaced. With the vision of a more unique exterior, the owners also vested interest in keeping the entire area visually pleasing while accomplishing their redevelopment goals.

An exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS) system was the first approach but repetitive issues with some design aspects of the building shifted the direction once again. Additionally, there were concerns over the installation’s quality with respect to weather challenges, and how it would impact residents.

After learning about the insulation properties of insulated metal panels (IMPs), along with the possibility of having an exterior finish that was similar in look and texture to EIFS, the restoration project turned into an IMP retrofit.

Since the original intention was building preservation, the energy savings that come along with a retrofit are an added bonus for the owners. Once the value of having an insulated metal panel design is established, along with replacing all 200 bedroom windows, a significant energy efficiency gain for the coming winter months is anticipated.

The project is slated to be complete in early fall.*

Project stats

  • Facility name: 550 Berkshire
  • Facility type: Multi-family residential
  • Owner: Sifton Properties LTD.
  • Installer: A-1 Restoration Building Envelope Solution, Inc.
  • Location/climate region: London, Ont./Cold
  • Year built: 1970
  • Number of buildings/Gross square footage: Single building, eight floors

* The authors would like to thank Peter Neil (vice president, residential management at Sifton Properties Limited) and Peter Boone (president at A-1 Restoration Building Envelope).

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