TuffWrap Demo-Cast: Renovating and Rebuilding with TuffWrap EXT Exterior Walls and Doors

This webinar is designed for general contractors, architects, specifiers, and industry professionals who require exterior protection during new construction and renovations.

TuffWrap® Canada’s EXT exterior walls and doors create a construction envelope around a building to protect people, products and property during renovation or rebuilding. It also allows the facility to stay open and safe without interruptions, work stoppages, or delays.

TuffWrap® EXT exterior protection is custom engineered to fit the project requirements, covering large openings and spans. Custom mounting hardware, designed and manufactured by TuffWrap, allows EXT to be installed almost anywhere, even for projects above 50 feet high. It installs easily with no studs or scaffolding.

TuffWrap EXT Exterior Protection…Engineered for the Great Outdoors.

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