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Roofing Shingle Warranties: Uncovering common misconceptions

Shingle manufacturers offer long-term warranties ranging from 25 to 50 years, or even a lifetime. Roofing contractors, in most cases, recommend which shingle manufacturer to use and then the builder/property owner makes the decision primarily based on the product’s esthetics and the warranty information provided. Unfortunately, many building owners are confused or misled by the warranty details given, and assume the roof will last the term indicated on the package or the years as stated by the contractor. However, the warranty is generally not properly explained or fully disclosed, and it is based on manufacturing defects, not wear-life.

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Wind Design For Roofing: Misconceptions and consequences

For the last few years, the media has highlighted roofing failures caused by wind. Although these problems sensationalize the effects of global warming, they are not new and have occurred since buildings were first constructed. The major contributing factor to many of these failures is the roof or perimeter flashing was not properly designed to meet the project requirements––such as location and occupancy type. Depending on its direction, wind acts on the building in different ways. As it collides with the structure, it travels up and over, increasing in speed––similar to the effects of an airfoil on a wing.

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Sustaining a KEE standard for roofing membranes

Ketone ethylene ester (KEE) is a flexible, high-molecular-weight thermoplastic co-polymer. When properly compounded with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the resulting single-ply membrane can be bonded or ‘fused’ to itself with hot air, requiring neither torching nor adhesives. Among its many performance benefits in roofing assemblies, the polymer promotes chemical resistance and remains highly flexible with age.

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