CSC’s Hamilton-Niagara Chapter explores roofing systems

The Hamilton-Niagara Chapter of CSC is holding a luncheon on April 18 at Royal Canadian Legion in Burlington, Ont. Ian Moriarty, RRO (Enercorp), will present on “Designing a Better Roof System.”

This is two-part presentation focuses on building envelope products and technologies that can improve performance and value in modern roofing systems. Under the “Roof Boards: Building a Better Roof System” section, Moriarty will introduce the different types of roof boards and also explain how this building component increases a roof’s strength, durability, and resistance to weather events. Different applications for roof boards will be addressed, as well as important factors for properly identifying, specifying, and designing assemblies with roof board products.

The second part is on “Leak Detection: Electronic Detection Technology for Building Envelopes.” A key alternative to flood testing, electronic leak detection (ELD) has emerged as a way to test membrane assemblies for continuity, both after construction and during service life. This program deals with the science behind ELD methods, the different types of tests available, and details how systems can be designed to support ELD hardware requirements.

Held from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., the event is meant for architects, engineers, specification writers, building code professionals, owners, and contractors. It qualifies for Ontario Association of Architect (OAA) points.

To register, contact Steve Ioannides or John Lake.

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