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Lab-École reveals designs for six Québec schools

Québec-based nonprofit organization Lab-École has unveiled designs for elementary schools to be expanded or built in Gatineau, Maskinongé, Québec City, Saguenay, Shefford, and Rimouski. With the exception of the sketch for the Québec City school, which was produced by the Lab-École team, all of the winning designs stem from an architectural design competition held earlier this year.

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Free e-book discusses rolling doors

In the latest edition of a series of free, downloadable e-books, an article provides examples that highlight the various life-safety threats specifiers can safeguard building occupants against with rolling door assemblies. To get your copy of the “Designing MUSH Facilities” e-book in either pdf or digital edition, visit www.constructioncanada.net/ebook/designing-mush-facilities-de.

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